Eta Romina Carrisi Fidanzato

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Eta Romina Carrisi Fidanzato
Eta Romina Carrisi Fidanzato

Eta Romina Carrisi Fidanzato – Baby on the way for Romina Carrisi! The daughter of Al Bano and Romina Power finally addressed the long-standing suspicions about her first pregnancy on national television: She told Verissimo, I discovered it while I was in Croatia; I had finished filming dad’s show.

I always felt tired, and when I arrived at my sister’s she accompanied me to take the test, and in the end I discovered I was pregnant. After years of being a fixture on the Rai program Oggi è un giorno until its cancellation, 36-year-old SIlvia Toffanin finally opened out about her romance with the show’s former director, Stefano Rastelli, in her living room.

For his contributions to Ukraine, the 15th annual International Short Film Festival Tulipani di seta nera honored director Stefano Rastelli, 53 years old. He was previously married and the father of two children prior to his relationship with Romina Carrisi. Stefano Rastelli was born in Rome in the year 1970

After approximately a year and a half of dating, the prospective mother stated, “We started living together after only five months, immediately, I feel at ease with him.” Al Bano and Romina’s daughter is due in about a month and a half. The individual has an impressive resume and was born in Rome in 1970.

Stefano Rastelli and Romina Carrisi are engaged.

Romina Carrisi, the youngest daughter of Romina and Al Bano, and Stefano Rastelli are now a married couple; there will be no more secrets or infidelities between them. And the two of them showed up together and cheerful for her 35th birthday. He is a well-known television director who works primarily in outdoor settings.

They first met in Serena Bortone’s studio, and he is now the director of Oggi è unaltro giorno, on which Romina is a regular commentator. She is 51 years old. One of the most recent honors is the award for services made in Ukraine for the 15th annual Tulipani di seta nera International Short Film Festival.

Stefano Rastelli, who is dating Romina Carrisi

Stefano Rastelli, director of the Rai program Oggi è unaltro giorno, is Romina Carrisi’s new boyfriend. Albano’s 35-year-old daughter made the relationship official last year. It was on the occasion of her 35th birthday on June 1st that the two made their relationship official; they met in Serena Bortone’s studio, where the woman is a frequent guest.

Before meeting Romina, Stefano had an important relationship which resulted in a marriage and from which two children were born, Emma and Lola , who are very attached to their father. It appears that Stefano’s game is what really got him and Romina Carrisi Jr. together after all these years he turned 52 in November.

What brought Romina Carrisi and Stefano Rastelli together

Oggi è unaltro giorno, the Rai1 format popularized by Serena Bortone, was Romina and Stefano’s show of choice. The program’s external director, Rastelli, and Romina both participated in the program’s development team for this iteration. The only catch was that the words for “pregnant” and “not pregnant” were written in Croatian.

Eta Romina Carrisi Fidanzato

Separated and father of two girls born from a previous relationship, Stefano will turn 52 in November. Now a seasoned filmmaker, he received recognition at the 15th annual International Short Film Festival “Tulips of Black Silk” for his contributions to the Ukrainian film industry on Viale Mazzini.

The Big Reveal, According to Romina Carrisi

Romina Carrisi, the youngest daughter of Albano Carrisi and Romina Power, recently announced her engagement to her longtime boyfriend. The entertainment industry’s intrusion into people’s personal lives sparked a number of issues. Their love affair began in the studio where they both worked for Serena Bortone.

These conversations revolve around Stefano Rastelli, a 52-year-old very accomplished director and Romina’s current boyfriend. Romina, upon reaching the age of 35, decided to celebrate with a party and an unexpected announcement. Despite being 17 years apart in age, Carrisi used that event to publicly declare her love for Stefano Rastelli.

Find out who Stefano Rastelli is, Romina Carrisi’s alleged lover.

He has worked on various successful programs, such as Today is another day by Serena Bortone, and has received some accolades for his filming in Ukraine on the occasion of the Tulipani di Seta Nera International Social Film Festival. Stefano, at 51 years old, has been married once and is the father of two kids.

Stefano is well-known since he has been dating Romina Carrisi, the daughter of Al Bano and Romina Power, for quite some time. During an episode of Today is another day, Serena Bortone confirmed the relationship to the public. The director had two kids, Emma and Lola, with his ex-wife before he met Romina.

I’m halfway through the fifth month now: Romina Carrisi, 36, and her partner Stefano, 52, made the TV announcement that she is pregnant.

Rumors had been circulating for weeks, especially after the weekly ‘Diva e Donna’ published some images, so he confirmed the news to ‘Verissimo’. The daughter of Albano Carrisi and Romina Power joked, “I’m pregnant, I didn’t eat the amatriciana, I’m pregnant,” on a Canale5 show that they are more than ten years apart in age.

She continued by describing the moment she learned the stork had flown the coop: “I was in Croatia, we had just finished filming ‘4 Times 20’, dad’s show, I felt like I was always drowsy, always exhausted. It was late when my sister and I finally made it to Croatia. ‘Let’s go get the pregnancy test right now,’ she added.

Who is Romina Carrisi’s boyfriend, Stefano Rastelli, and how did they meet?

While Serena Bortone was hosting her show “Oggi è unaltro giorno” on the Casa Rai flagship network till last year, Romina Carrisi became pregnant and announced her engagement to the show’s external director, Stefano Rastelli. Romina Carrisi and her spouse are a happy and close-knit pair despite the fact.

Eta Romina Carrisi Fidanzato
Eta Romina Carrisi Fidanzato

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