Carlo Marrale Denti

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Carlo Marrale Denti
Carlo Marrale Denti

Carlo Marrale Denti-Genua, Italy, March 15th, 1952: Carlo Marrale, singer, guitarist, and composer. Stasera che sera, Per un’ora d’amore, Cavallo bianco, Che male fa (also played by Mina), There is a whole world around, Mr. Mandarin, Roman Holiday, I hear you, and many more were all signed by him as a founding member of the Jet group and later Matia Bazar. Irene Cara, Pet Shop Boys, Labyrinth, Queensrche, Mina, Musica Nuda, Milva, Miguel Bosé, Valeria Visconti, and Sergio Dalma are just a few of the artists who have recorded his songs.

He leaves Matia Bazar in the end of 1993 to pursue a solo career and to avoid more friction with the group’s other members, most notably Laura Valente. Marrale was never able to get over his anger at Antonella Ruggiero because he wanted to replace her as the group’s main singer. In 1994, he released his first solo album, Tra le dita la vita, and performed at the Sanremo Festival for the eighth time with L’elevator (without his ensemble, Matia Bazar). Odissea, which he signed in 2003, climbed to the top of the US charts when performed by tenors .

Salvatore Licitra and Marcelo lvarez (a very rare case for Italian songs). Duetto is the name of the album that features the song ( Sony , 2003). In addition to new renditions of songs by Queen, Pink Floyd, U2, and Peter Gabriel, the Odyssey was featured on the sole covers album by US heavy metal band Queensrche, Take Cover. With the album Melody Maker, which was published in November of 2007, came the single Controtedenza, for which Vince Ricotta created an animated music video. Marrale also worked diligently as an artist and photographer alongside his musical pursuits.

Francesco Rainero, a young singer-songwriter, spent the evening following the show’s opening as a guest of Carlo Marrale, a singer-guitarist from Genoa. He was born in Genoa, Italy, the same place as fellow vocalists Carlo Marrale, Aldo Stellita, Piero Cassolo, and Giancarlo. Carlo Marrale is an accomplished vocalist and musician who previously worked with Matia Bazar. The Rockol Concert Diary and the latest Carlo Marrale news along with a biography and a list of his most well-known songs. The band lost keyboardist Mauro Sabbione in 1984, guitarists Giancarlo Golzi, Piero Cassano.

Carlo Marrale Denti

Carlo Marrale, and Aldo Stellita in 1998, and guitarist Carlo Marrale in 1994. The bassist for the progressive/symphonic band Jet, Piero Cassano and Carlo Marrale, has passed away after a long illness. Together, they created the album Faith, Hope, Charity and performed at the Fonda Festival. Marrale On the morning of July 9, 1998, Jet passed away after a long battle with sickness. He was a founding member of the progressive/symphonic duo Jet together with Piero Cassano and Carlo Marrale, with whom he released the charity album Faith, Hope.

In the morning of July 9, 1998, the band passed away after a year and a half of illness. Despite the fact that there was a great deal of ambiguity between Valente and Carlo Marrale’s attitude of hatred, just about 50 people rotated. Carlo Marrale and Matia Bazar had a son, Matia Bazar (guitar and voice). () Piero Cassano, adequately, due to the grave illness of Aldo Stellita, the first members of the team were Carlo Marrale and Giancarlo Golzi. Aldo Stellita (bass), Carlo Marrale (guitar, lead vocals), and Giancarlo Golzi (drums) from the Electrochoc/Tango Nel Fango/Eterna Malattia.

In the Mood album all passed away the next year. founded in 1975 in Genoa with the initial lineup consisting of: Antonella Ruggiero’s Stunning Voice, Guitarist Carlo Marrale, and Composer Aldo Stellita (Died at 51 years of Cancer) The group Antonella Ruggiero, which included Carlo Marrale and Suono Storico, and Piero Cassano and Aldo Stellita (all three, since bassist Aldo Stellita passed away from a serious illness not long after Cassano): “The voices of Antonella Ruggiero, keyboards, Golzi drums, guitar Carlo Marrale and bass Aldo Stellita from Jet, redemption time.”

Carlo Marrale had to deal with his illness, a form of psoriatic gout. Guidara, Luca Formed by Antonella Ruggiero (singer) and Carlo Marrale (guitarist) and including Aldo Stellita, guests of the evening “Il Nostro Canto Libero” included Lucio Battisti’s historical musician Carlo Marrale, Carlo Marrale (author, creator, and musician of Matia Bazar), and Carlo Marrale (Genoa, 15 March 1952). Performer, musician, and composer from Italy. But, due to Aldo Stellita ia, the new record was not marketed. From a jet, Giancarlo Golzi E’ with te (by Carlo Marrale).

Valeria Visconti gave birth to the artistic genius of Baz ar in Genoa in 1975. Also there were Piero Cassano, Aldo Stellita, and Carlo Marrale. The legendary Genoese band’s co-founder and producer has announced that he would not be participating in any further tours or any Matia-related projects. Undoubtedly, a choice was compromised due to divergent views on group leadership and future endeavours with comrade Fabio Perversi. “I want to respect the memories of a history made up of great triumphs with colleagues who later took other courses and with those who no longer exist,” he said.

It was sometime between 1981 and 1999 when Cassano first left Matia Bazar. After 40 years, Giancarlo Golzi, the only member of the band who had never cheated, returned after the death of bassist Aldo Stellita in 1998. The drummer’s untimely death in 2015 may have been the final straw that broke the band apart for good today. Furthermore, the group’s history has been marked by countless abrupt farewells, turnovers, and slammed doors. There are four different women’s voices, and they haven’t settled into harmony yet.

Following parting ways with Antonella Ruggiero, whose voice will live on in our hearts forever (1974–1989), the Group brought on Laura Valente (1990–1998), Roberta Faccani (2004–2010), and Silvia Mezzanotte (2000–2004, 2010–2016). In 1994, guitarist Carlo Marrale followed keyboardist Mauro Sabbione (1984) and guitarist/keyboardist Sergio Cossu (1990) in leaving the band (in 1998).

Carlo Marrale Denti
Carlo Marrale Denti

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